✨What's New

Fixed signup for new admin subdomain

Fixed a bug for apps failing newly created Shopify accounts that load under new admin.shopify.com domain.

Login with Pasilobus

You now have a unified account with Pasilobus to login to all our apps and services. Next time you login you will be asked to authorize your Pasilobus account or create one at cloud.pasilobus.com

Shopify App Embeds

We have added full support for Shopify's new App Embeds! Shopify customers can now activate and manage the app from within the Theme Editor.

Simplified Offers dashboard

We have redesigned your dashboard and Offers list so it's cleaner and simpler.

All actions, including toggling an offer, are available in the "Actions" dropdown next to an offer.

Share your offers with a public link

You can now share your offers in social media, newsletters, or anywhere with a simple link. Append ?offerbox=1 to your store's URL or copy the link found at the bottom of the Offers page.

Sort your offers

You can drag-and-drop to re-arrange offers in the desktop, or move them up and down using the options in the overflow menu (available for all devices.

Upgrade your plan if you run out of offers

We will now prompt users to upgrade if they reach the limit of offers available in their plan. For more details go to offerbox.app/pricing

Performance improvements

All our apps received major performance improvements this month. The app now loads 40% faster on your store! We create blazing fast apps and will continue to grow our infrastructure around this purpose.

Widget quick switch

We're launching a new status page where you can easily toggle all features on and off, as well as fast access to the most regularly utilized areas. This is greatly beneficial when working on your Shopify store. You can quickly deactivate and then reactivate the widget when you're finished.

Change the floating button logo

You can now change the logo that appears in the floating button. Try it right now! Learn more

Design customizations available for all

Starting this week, customizing the widget and offers' design has been made available for all plans. Now everyone can match Offerbox with their brand!

Performance boost

We made improvements under the hood to make the app faster for you.

Change the widget's position

You now have the option to choose place the widget on the right or left side of your store, in addition to the bottom. Try them out in the Design tab.

Shopify login

We've fixed a bug happening during authentication via Shopify accounts. Certain browsers were experiencing a crash at their first login attempt. This has been fixed so Shopify will successfully connect.

Install the app on your home screen

You can now install the app on your device for easy access and manage offers on the go. Learn more

Customize arrow colors

You can now change the color of the slider's arrows in the settings, under 'Look & Feel.

Select a flashy animation for the trigger

Now you can choose between 3 different animation effects when the widget loads: Jelly, Pulse, and Shine.
Try them out!

Previews are live

You can now preview in real time how your offer will look when adding and editing offers, or tweaking the colors.